September in Review

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Books Acquired:

Books Read:
The Dinner by Herman Koch
Microserfs by Douglas Coupland
Three Men on the Bummel by Jerome K. Jerome
Small Gods: A Discworld Graphic Novel by Terry Pratchett, Ray Friesen

The reading slump! It continues! September was a bit of an unfocused month for me, but I did finally finish Microserfs, which I actually did enjoy despite not being able to read more than a few pages of it each night. It’s an incredibly quick read too, but I think I was just a bit scattered these last couple of months. I also need to learn to put down a book if it isn’t working out, but I’m very stubborn and will instead ruin reading for myself while I slowly crawl to the last page.

Not much interesting happened this month, but I did get a new phone that I’m very excited about. It’s a Galaxy Note 8 (the one after the phone that exploded last year – fingers crossed). It’s my first Android phone, so I’ve been obsessively watching tutorials on it, digging through pages of settings, and customizing the themes and widgets. Usually the process of switching to a new phone is unsatisfyingly smooth, so it’s been nice to spend some time playing with the ins and outs of a new operating system.

The only real event we went to this month was Brewery and the Beast, an annual event hosted at a local brewery here. Restaurants and farms from around the region have booths where they provide sample plates of different food, all based around meat and seafood. The first year they had really interesting things like beef heart tartare, but it’s become less adventurous over the years. This year was a bit better, though, and we ate some delicious food. My opinion might have been swayed somewhat with the bone marrow I received as soon as I arrived. Definitely a step in the right direction!

Freshly groomed. She'll be white for at least a day.

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And this marinated scallop and pork belly from @the_bluecrab. Delicious! #MeatFestYYJ

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I also didn’t write a single post last month, apart from the last wrap-up, so I’ve fallen quite a bit behind. I think I might do a catch-up post on multiple books at once to get back on track. We’ll be in Australia for three weeks this month, so I doubt I’ll get much done during that period, but hopefully I’ll come back refreshed and ready to dive back in.

Movies watched:

TV watched:
The Guild (2007-2013) – We went on a bit of a Felicia Day binge this month. Lee-Ann hadn’t seen The Guild or Dr. Horrible, so we went through both. The Guild is still fun, but it definitely has a different vibe watching it today rather than ten years ago. I think a large part of the appeal back then was just watching a show that featured gaming terminology and ideas that weren’t watered down for the sake of a wide audience. Outside of CSI episodes where they track down someone who went on a killing spree after playing violent video games, that wasn’t, and still isn’t really, something that you found in mainstream media, so it was fun to see.

Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog (2008) – This still holds up well today. Good songs, and a fun story that doesn’t take itself seriously but still manages to have to poignant moments.

Games played:
PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS (2017 pre-release) (PC) – My unfocused month wasn’t just in reading. I couldn’t really focus on any new games either, so whenever I got the itch, I’d just play a round or two of this. I’m getting better, but still consistently die in very stupid ways. It’s fun, though.

What have you been reading/watching/playing this month?

2 thoughts on “September in Review

  1. Silvia

    I have noticed your absence. I have done better this year quitting a very few books that didn’t work for me. But I am usually like you, I continue.

    Your pictures are so good, love them all!

    1. Rob Post author

      Thanks! I enjoy taking them.

      Unfortunately the absence will continue a bit longer, as I’m heading off to Australia this afternoon for three weeks, but I’m looking forward to getting back into the swing of things when we return!


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