Foodies Read 2016 Wrap-Up

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The second challenge I took part in this year was the Foodies Read challenge. My goal was the 4 – 8 book level, and I ended up just barely coasting in having read four books.

  1. French Milk by Lucy Knisley
  2. Heat by Bill Buford
  3. Double Cup Love by Eddie Huang
  4. Fresh Off the Boat by Eddie Huang

I enjoyed all four, but French Milk was probably my least favourite. I wanted it to be more about food and found it to be mainly about moping about in Paris.

Both of Eddie Huang’s memoirs were entertaining and interesting, and I’m excited to to see what he comes out with next. He’s an acquired taste, but if you can deal with his personality he does have a lot to offer.

My favourite of the bunch was Heat, which surprised me. I held off reading it for quite a while thinking that it wasn’t really my thing, but the amount of research he did and the quality of his writing won me over. It reminded me of how much I enjoy food writing when it’s done well.

I’ll be joining again in 2017, and will post the kick-off list soon.

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