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This was my first full year writing here, so I get to do a proper wrap-up this time around!

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I honestly thought I’d get sick of this by now, but here we are a year and a half in. I’ve read more since starting, and it’s forced me to sit and think about what I’ve read before moving on. I’ve also found myself reading books I otherwise might not have picked up, and my attitude towards the classics have shifted from feeling like I need to read them to genuinely wanting to read them, so it’s actually become a rewarding hobby.

As far as new things to come, I’d like to start posting a little more about the authors, events, and art related to what I’m reading. I might also start writing a monthly review post (sort’ve like what you’d find on The Oddness of Moving Things) and mention other media I’ve been enjoying, without having to dedicate posts to that.

I participated in four reading challenges this year. They’re a fun way to discover new books and track your progress.

Back to the Classics 2012: 9/9 books – complete!
TBR Pile Challenge: 12/12(+2 optional) – complete! (with no bonus marks)
The Classics Club: 11/50 (to be completed by 2017) – on track!
TBR Double Dare: complete!

I thought the Classics Club might be stretching it (50 classics in 5 years), but the way I’m going I’ll hit it early. If anything I was neglecting contemporary literature a bit this year.

Overall Books read (and heard): 38
Graphic novels and trade paperback collections: 4
Audio books: 16
Most books by same author: 3 (Nick Hornby)
New authors (to me): 21
Non-fiction: 11
Re-reads: 2 (and a half)

I’ve never been a speedy reader, so 38 isn’t actually too bad for me, even if a few of them were short novellas. I’d still like to up that total in 2013. It looks like I ignored the comics this year a bit, so I’d like to get some more of them in as well.

Personally, it’s been a good year for health and relationships and, of course, reading. Hope yours was great as well. Happy New Year!

2 thoughts on “2012

  1. Geoff W

    Thanks for the mention! I found it elsewhere (probably Heather at Between the Covers) and really liked it, but have sort of made it my own 😀

    And I definitely agree about blogging forcing me to sit down and actually think about what I’ve just finished reading! I used to just move on to the next book and now I have to synthesize, plus it gave me something to stick with which is new.

    1. Rob Post author

      Yeah, I used to move on to something else right away too, so it’s a nice reminder to take some time to reflect on what I read. I enjoy that so much that if I didn’t have a weblog, I could see myself just keeping a notebook for it.


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