Gaiman and Pratchett

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On the back of my father’s copy of Good Omens was this photo. I read it in the mid-nineties and remember thinking how perfect it was for the book, how hilariously rock star they looked, and how I needed to grow Pratchett’s beard someday.

Neil Gaiman wrote this about it:

It was taken in Kensal Green Cemetery in February.

Terry borrowed the white jacket from our editor, Malcolm Edwards, and grumbled that it did nothing to keep him warm on a very cold day.

“Sometimes you have to be cold to look cool,” I told him.

“It’s all right for you,” he said. “You’re wearing a leather jacket.”

“You could wear a leather jacket too.”

“I’m wearing white,” said Terry, pointedly. “That way, when they come after us for writing a blasphemous book, they’ll know I’m the nice one.”

(After the photo was taken we noticed the bat-winged hourglass, which we hadn’t seen during the photo session, and requested bat-winged hourglasses as a design motif in the book.)

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