Irredeemable Vol. 1

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Irredeemable (Volume 1)Irredeemable Vol. 1 by Mark Waid
Illustrated By: Peter Krause
Format: Trade Paperback Comic
Published: 2009
Publisher: Boom! Studios

The Plutonian, Waid’s version of Superman, spent his entire life saving the world from doers of evil, but there are always those who will rip on a hero for not being able to save everyone. People are so god damn needy sometimes. After years of snide criticism and being taken advantage of by those close to him, he decides human’s aren’t worth his time and starts laying waste. They haven’t fully covered everything that lead him down the path to villainy in this trade, which is great. It gives the story an interesting mystery and a lot more depth than if he had just turned batshit crazy from a single event.

The Plutonian, after obliterating the city he was formerly protecting, begins to hunt down his ex-teammates. In fact, the first issue begins with The Plutonian arriving at one of his ex-teammates homes and murdering the entire family. I love that Waid doesn’t hold back and shows just how weak anyone on earth would be compared to this guy – even fellow superheros. It really sets the stage perfectly. None of this oh I’m evil now so I decided to let this one person die nonesense. Nope, millions die immediately and he toys with the rest.

This trade is smaller than most, only 4 issues, but there are so many stand-out scenes. I’m excited to see where the story goes. I’m assuming they’ll introduce some sort of kryptonite equivalent, but we’ll see. If the story keeps up, this will definitely be one of my favourite comics.

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