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Old Man Logan (Wolverine)Old Man Logan by Mark Millar
Illustrated By: Steve McNiven
Format: Trade Paperback Comic
Published: 2008
Publisher: Marvel

The second Mark Miller comic I mooched during my time in Vancouver was Old Man Logan. It’s a ‘what if’ story, set fifty years in the future in a world where the supervillains won. They teamed up for once and managed to kill most of the superheroes in America. Wolverine, who now only goes by Logan, is one of the few left alive, and he’s just trying to live life with his small family on a farm. He hasn’t drawn his claws, or hurt anyone, for fifty years, not since he went through a traumatic experience in the X-Mansion during the attack.

His farm is in an area conquered and ruled by The Hulk and a few generations of his children, green hillbilly thugs that are products of an incestuous relationship. Logan’s late on his rent, and the Hulk kids don’t take kindly to missed payments. Luckily for him, and the plot, Hawkeye picks this opportune moment to come to him with a job. It’s a delivery, so they travel across part of America in what’s essentially a post-apocalyptic travelogue.

One thing that bugged me about this comic, and I know it doesn’t matter at all, was that Miller doesn’t try to explain why Logan is suddenly aging the same as everyone else. I know that any reason he could come up with would be silly, but it just bugs me that it wasn’t addressed. Old Wolverine is pretty great, but huge elephant in the room people! I need some answers!

I really liked this comic. There was certainly fan service, but it was a fun story with some genuinely suprising scenes and some pretty badass moments.

2 thoughts on “Old Man Logan

  1. Anti Hero

    logan ages faster because his normal life put his healing factor into sleep mode. without the healing factor, his cells aged normally. how do u think he came to look 30yrs old if his powers dawned at age 8. if he goes a long period of time without regenerating, he WILL age

  2. Rob Post author

    I always figured his powers were just still developing until he was in his 30s. I’d assume the regular cuts and bruises of his life, as well just the regular cell degradation that comes with aging, would keep the healing factor going at least partially if that were the case. He didn’t join the X-Men until he was already over 100 I thought, so I wouldn’t think he’d gotten into that many bar fights.


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