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In Memoriam

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My father passed away a week and a half ago. I don’t normally go into anything too personal here, but in a way he’s very relevant to this weblog. I’ve never met someone who read as much as he did. It was what he loved to do, more than anything else. He would always have a book or an e-reader… Read more »

Housekeeping vs. The Dirt

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Housekeeping vs. the Dirt by Nick Hornby Published: 2006 Nick Hornby’s thoughts on his monthly reading and book buying habits continue with this second collection of his Believer column. I still wasn’t entirely sure what the Believer was, so I just hopped over to their website and had a quick look. I’m very pleased to announce that it’s not a… Read more »

The Polysyllabic Spree

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The Polysyllabic Spree: A Hilarious and True Account of One Man’s Struggle With the Monthly Tide of the Books He’s Bought and the Books He’s Been Meaning to Read by Nick Hornby Published: 2004 I’ve been meaning to pick this up for ages. It’s a collection of Nick Hornby’s monthly column, from a magazine called The Believer, where he discusses… Read more »

The Classics Club

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I’ve decided to join The Classics Club. I’ve been reading more classics lately, and I’d like to continue that trend. And I can’t resist a good list. The goal is to read 50+ classic novels in five years. Will I be blogging in five years? Will I be alive in five years? Will society as we know it still exist… Read more »

Your Brain on Fiction

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The New York Times posted an interesting article on the neuroscience behind reading, how the brain reacts to the metaphors and descriptions in the same way it might react to the actual physical experience. The brain, it seems, does not make much of a distinction between reading about an experience and encountering it in real life; in each case, the… Read more »

Late Resolutions

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I’ve been thinking about goals lately, mainly because it’s a lot easier than trying to achieve them. I missed out on the whole New Years thing, being sans blog at the time, so I thought I’d make a few late (and admittedly slightly wimpy) resolutions for the remainder of the year. It might be fun to check in every now… Read more »