Chew: Omnivore Edition, Volume 4

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Chew: The Omnivore Edition, Volume 4Chew: The Omnivore Edition, Volume 4 by John Layman
Illustrated By: Rob Guillory
Format: Hardcover Comic
Collects: Chew #31-40
Published: 2014
Publisher: Image Comics
Length: 272 pages

Finally, the fourth omnibus of Chew has been released. The wait between these editions can be torturous, but at least there’s no chance of getting burnt out on them. Not the ideal way to read through a series, but I actually don’t mind too much. I like having an annual release to anticipate, and these oversized editions are just too nice to ignore.

I’ve really liked the last couple of books for the humour and the creative ideas, particularly around the invention of new powers, but the plot was all over the place. They were a series of fun cases and subplots, but there wasn’t an obvious main thread to follow, no end goals. I have a hard time getting through any media that is too aimless – open-world games, short story collections, monster-of-the-week television series. Even if they’re well done, I tend to lose interest if it doesn’t feel like I’m progressing through a story.

Layman has taken all of the elements built up in the first volumes and has started to piece them together. There is an obvious end goal, an inevitable showdown, in sight now. The humour is still there, although mixed with some tragedy, and the stakes are building higher and higher.

This is still a great series and it looks to be getting even better.

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