Shakespeare Wrote for Money

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Shakespeare Wrote for MoneyShakespeare Wrote for Money by Nick Hornby
Published: 2008

This is another collection of Nick Hornby’s articles from The Believer, an American literature magazine, in which he recounts his reading and book-buying habits each month. This is the third volume I’ve read, out of the four that currently exist, and I still just love them.

These are essential a published book blog, but instead of a post for each book there’s a chapter for each month. It’s interesting to see how previous books and events in his life influence what he buys and reads each month. These collections don’t vary much, to be honest, so the description and review of the first book still pretty much holds up. I’ve actually been tempted to pick up a copy of The Believer to start reading his column, which can be previewed on their website, when it’s first published, but I really enjoy reading a year’s worth at once.

The Believer has asked Hornby to not write about the books he doesn’t enjoy, or at least to not mention them by name, so it’s usually a fairly positive and enthusiastic account. He will briefly mention why he didn’t enjoy a book, but it never really turns negative. At first this bothered me, as I quite like a rant now and then, but it does have the effect of making the column more of a celebration of reading rather than a nit-picking critique. I like to keep these books around for reading slumps, since I always finish them with a renewed love of reading.

Anyone who enjoys book blogs will love these.

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