Chew: Omnivore Edition, Volume 2

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Chew Omnivore Edition, Volume 2Chew Omnivore Edition, Volume 2 by John Layman
Illustrated By: Rob Guillory
Published: 2011
Publisher: Image Comics
Collects: Chew #11 – #20

Unfortunately I decided to read these in the oversized hardcover editions, which are beautiful, but they take so very long to come out. I read the first Chew Omnivore volume a year and a half ago, so I was very excited when this was finally released.

The series follows Tony Chu, an FDA agent tasked with tracking down black market chicken, which became illegal after a serious avian flu outbreak that killed millions. He’s also a Cibopath – someone who can get a sense of the history of anything he eats, which leads him to eat many an unsavory item. As he continues his investigations, an underlying mystery is slowly forming. Also, weird space stuff!

This is definitely my favourite ongoing comic series right now, of the few I read. I felt like it took a bit of a dip near the end of the last collection, but this one picked right up and stayed great until the end. The plot does start to go a little crazy, even more than usual, but I don’t really read these for the tightly-plotted story. I read them because they’re hilarious and well written with fantastic art.

Rob Guillory’s character designs are just great. I particularly love his expressions and his attention to detail. He always fills his panels with funny little extras for those who take their time.

Definitely recommended, and I will be eagerly awaiting the next Omnivore volume, which hopefully won’t be another two years coming.

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