Irredeemable Vol. 2

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Irredeemable, Volume 2Irredeemable, Volume 2 by Mark Waid
Illustrated By: Peter Krause
Format: Trade Paperback Comic
Published: 2010
Publisher: Boom! Studios

The tale of America’s fallen superhero, The Plutonian, continues in a second volume that’s every bit as strong as the first. The pacing is perfect for me, the art is great – this is quickly becoming my favourite comic series. It’s the one I’m most excited to read, at least, although I am pacing myself and not buying all seven currently-released volumes at once.

See? Willpower, I gots it.

We’re introduced to the last member of The Paradigm, The Plutonian’s old supergroup, and get to see what really pushed him over the edge. That’s the big mystery of the first volume, and it’s promising to see them not drag that out through the entire series. Some horrific things happen in this volume, and there are also Twists. Quite good Twists.

The only thing really bugging me about this series is that each trade only contains four issues, but it costs just as much as regularly-sized trades. This seems to be a Boom! Studios thing. It’s not enough to stop me reading, but it is annoying.

Apparently there’s a spin-off of this called Incorruptable, which follows one of The Plutonian’s villians turned good. That might be worth a look-see eventually, but I plan to carry on with this series first.

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