Let’s Have Some Fun by Charles Bukowski

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there will always be people who say, let’s go on a boat or
let’s go to Argentina or let’s go to a movie or let’s go to a
tennis match or let’s visit my sister
or how about a picnic?
I don’t understand any of this
because to me
just walking across the room is like walking through flames
the first strange face I see each day
adds a knot to my stomach
I don’t have the time because
I haven’t paid the gas bill
or checked the air in my tires
one of my teeth is aching (on the left side)
and I’ve received several letters in the mail from crazies
and there’s a notice from the government about a tax matter
and I need an oil change (and my car needs one too).

there’s a fellow down the street and he just sits on his porch.
there are people who just sit a lifetime with unblinking eyes.

these could be the wise ones.
I am not one of the wise ones.
I even fight dragons in the dungeons of my sleep.

so if you want to send me to an early hell
then force me to spend an entire day at Disneyland.

— Charles Bukowski, let’s have some fun

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